Why Choose McCarthy?

Beracah Builds it: faster, greener, stronger, all for less.

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Roof Repair: "Thank you very much. The roof looks very nice and I feel certain you did such a good job, we are protected from the elements."

-Elizabeth Eysaldt

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Why should you buy a Beracah Home?


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Nine Reasons

Why You Shoud Buy a Beracah Home.
1. The best value for your money. Off site stick built Beracah homes are built in a factory and benefit from the assembly line production process. Beracah buys huge quantities of lumber, sheet rock, cabinets, paint, etc. We pay less for each and can have large quantities delivered at one time. Labor is used with maximum efficiency, with skilled craftsman moving between workstations on the factory floor.
2. The highest quality. Beracah homes are built in a modern controlled environment and they are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. Quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the construction process. To see inside our factory, go on line to www. To ensure a safe and secure transfer to your property, Beracah homes are built especially well, using high quality materials. For example, there is typically 30% more lumber used in framing your home, and we glue as well as nail or screw the components of the home together.
3. Peace of mind. Buying a Beracah home gives you peace of mind...You won't have to worry about:
  • "I need more money"- The homeowner's worst nightmare- the job's half finished and your builder tells you he's way over budget and needs more money or else he'll quit. Beracah off site built houses come at a guaranteed price, without cost overruns.
  • "The vanishing builder"- Everyone knows someone who's had this problem- just dont let it happen to you. You dont want an unfinished house slowly rotting away in the rain. When you buy a Beracah home, your house is about 80% complete and under roof, the day of delivery.
  • "The pre-soaked house"- Maybe you like your jeans pre-washed, but you dont want your house to come that way. A site-built house open to the rain can cause your wood to warp or swell, problems you'll never get rid of in a lifetime of ownership. Beracah houses are built in a controlled environment under the factory roof and are transported in weather-resistant house wrapping.
  • "The unexpected uninspected house"- Often times you dont really know what quality you're getting with a site-built house. Beracah homes are thoroughly checked over before they leave the factory. A quality control process provides 100% assurance that your home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. In-plant inspectors, as well as independent inspection agencies, inspect the home on behalf of your state and local government. So if your are looking for peace of mind, contact McCarthy Homes today!
4. Speedy turnaround-On the average, a home will be built in the factory within 3 weeks. Once your home is placed on its foundation, final completion may take an additional four to eight weeks. This schedule allows you to move in more quickly, and knowing when you're home will be ready, helps you plan your move better. A site preperation work differs for each property, you should contact your Beracah builder for a more exact schedule for your home.
5. Lower homeownership costs- Repair bills can really add up. Beracah homes are built in a modern controlled environment using high quality materials. They are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. A well-built Beracah house is a home that is easier and less costly to maintain.
6. Greater energy efficiency- Additional factory insulation and precision building techniques make a Beracah house a super efficient energy conserving home. And of course this cost savings lasts every year you are living in your home.
7. Design your own dream home- Beracah Homes has many different design plans for you to choose from. You can even design your own house and the Beracah engineers will work with your builder, McCarthy Homes, to bring it to reality.
8. Mortgage lenders want your business- Beracah homes are extremely popular, and almost all financial institutions are eager to write new loans.
9. Resale value- From the outside, your home will look like it was built on site. After many years, the quality shows through. Beracah homes are built to last. Your home requires less maintenance and your energy bills are lower than your neightbors. When you decide to sell your home, you'll be glad it's a Beracah!