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Beracah Builds it: faster, greener, stronger, all for less.

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Roof Repair: "Thank you very much. The roof looks very nice and I feel certain you did such a good job, we are protected from the elements."

-Elizabeth Eysaldt

McCarthy Homes - Custom Build Affordable Homes

About Beracah Homes

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Beracah Homes, Inc. is a modular home manufacturer centrally located on Delmarva, in Greenwood, Delaware. Working exclusively with it's preferred builder network.

These are just a few of many reasons why you should build with Beracah:

  • Beracah Homes has been producing "off-site stick built" homes in their facility since 2003.
  • Their commitment "is to deliver quality and value in the new home construction industry". That commitment can be seen in the high quality raw materials that are used in each home or commerical building.
  • All construction is completed in a climate controlled factory.  No construction materials are subjected to the elements prior to use.  Therefore, Beracah Homes are not subject to the creeky floors, warped wood or most importantly moisture that grows future mold.
  • Every Beracah is built stronger, using standard 2" x 6" exterior wall construction.
  • Installing higher R-value insulation then traditional homes to help reduce the home's energy consumption. 


Beracah's Standard Specifications

Bercah's Standard Building Products

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